Do we need so many new immigrants in Singapore NOW?


I am actually a little confuse when our Ministers said Singapore need more immigrants because the locals did not reproduce enough? I am confuse on the timing on when we need more immigrants.

Singapore’s population has grown by millions over these years and the immigrants who came are around my age (30+). So does this means that it was our parents’ generation that did not reproduce enough? However during my parents time when they are at the reproduction age, there is a “Stop At Two” policy and having more than 2 children are penalised. So if it is true that our parents’ generation did not reproduce enough, are we saying the “Stop At Two” policy was a MISTAKE?

If our Ministers are saying that our current generation did not reproduce enough and in 20-30 years time, there will not be enough young ppl to support the old ppl like us, then shouldn’t we get in more immigrants 20-30 years later and not now? The immigrants that comes in now will grow old too and won’t they increase the no. of old ppl 20-30 years later and worse if they also did not reproduce enough?

The timing of the influx of immigrants just doesn’t seem right.

  1. Sakti said:

    True!!! Wonderful post and I agree with you 100%

    • I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen in 20-30 years time. Furthermore if we really want Singaporeans to reproduce more then why are child subsidies (eg. baby bonus) only offered up to 4th child and there are strict criterias to be eligible for IVF treatment subsidies? PR subsidies (incl. child education) have also been cut so this will discourage PRs (who are the new immigrants) from having more children too? Seems like our policy makers do not speak to each other and thus we have policies that work against each other?

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