Beware Of The Black Cab


Was trying to get a cab yesterday at MBS taxi stand around 3am and a black cab approached when it was my turn at the taxi queue.

I have heard that the black cab fares are higher than normal taxis but had thought that only the starting meter charge is slightly higher (by $2) and the meter jumping faster? Boy, I was WRONG!

The taxi driver wants to charge me $12 PLUS meter charges! There is no problem getting cabs at that time and even if there is, booking a normal cab only cost an extra $2.50, not $12!! I wonder who will take the black cabs since there is nothing different between these cabs and the other cabs, not that it can fly and hence I can reach my destination faster?! Even Mercedes cabs are charging normal fares.

So I took the next Comfort taxi in the queue and the fare to reach my house was only $7+ but I’m happy to give the taxi driver $10 without change! If I took the black cab, the fare can end up $20+!

I wonder is it legal for taxis in Singapore to charge a fee, which can be any amount, on top of the meter charges?

And for sure, I will NEVER board a black cab in my life!!

Black Cabs Causing Jam At Changi Airport Taxi Queue


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