Black Mirror

Have just finished a 3 part series “Black Mirror” that sets you thinking how social media and advance technology have affected our lifes. I have to agree that in some way, we have lost our senses and freedom in the pursuit of never ending modern technology.

The first episode talks about the power and influence of social media (which I personally like most).


The second episode talks about the senseless action of paying for virtual stuff.


The third episode makes us think if it is really a good thing to record our life on virtual memory (I thought of facebook where everyone is recording where we go, what we do complete with photos and timeline) and we are able to replay these memories over and over again.


I kind of understand why the title is called Black Mirror now (I thought it’s a horror show initially). Think it’s because the screen of our PC, Ipad, smartphones when off is black in colour and we can see a reflection of ourselves?

It’s been a while since I watched a really good drama, highly recommended! (You can preview the trailers at Youtube).



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