Have just finished a 3 part series “Black Mirror” that sets you thinking how social media and advance technology have affected our lifes. I have to agree that in some way, we have lost our senses and freedom in the pursuit of never ending modern technology.

The first episode talks about the power and influence of social media (which I personally like most).


The second episode talks about the senseless action of paying for virtual stuff.


The third episode makes us think if it is really a good thing to record our life on virtual memory (I thought of facebook where everyone is recording where we go, what we do complete with photos and timeline) and we are able to replay these memories over and over again.


I kind of understand why the title is called Black Mirror now (I thought it’s a horror show initially). Think it’s because the screen of our PC, Ipad, smartphones when off is black in colour and we can see a reflection of ourselves?

It’s been a while since I watched a really good drama, highly recommended! (You can preview the trailers at Youtube).




Was trying to get a cab yesterday at MBS taxi stand around 3am and a black cab approached when it was my turn at the taxi queue.

I have heard that the black cab fares are higher than normal taxis but had thought that only the starting meter charge is slightly higher (by $2) and the meter jumping faster? Boy, I was WRONG!

The taxi driver wants to charge me $12 PLUS meter charges! There is no problem getting cabs at that time and even if there is, booking a normal cab only cost an extra $2.50, not $12!! I wonder who will take the black cabs since there is nothing different between these cabs and the other cabs, not that it can fly and hence I can reach my destination faster?! Even Mercedes cabs are charging normal fares.

So I took the next Comfort taxi in the queue and the fare to reach my house was only $7+ but I’m happy to give the taxi driver $10 without change! If I took the black cab, the fare can end up $20+!

I wonder is it legal for taxis in Singapore to charge a fee, which can be any amount, on top of the meter charges?

And for sure, I will NEVER board a black cab in my life!!

Black Cabs Causing Jam At Changi Airport Taxi Queue


Famous fashion designer Roland Mouret commented that Singaporean fashion sense are “shocking” when he was in town lately. Roland Mouret, who has been dressing up women impeccably for years, seems to be referring to mainly Singaporean men. See below link.

Is Singapore Fashion Really That Bad?

The hot weather has been blamed for the sloppy dress sense where Singaporeans, especially the men are wearing the wrong shorts and flip flops.

Now, I think we should not blame the weather totally as we can still dress casual yet stylist and I do agree that some Singaporean men, mostly the middle age ones are the worst dressed. This is even so if they do not care much about their looks (face, body and hair). These men just do not seem to care about their appearance at all anymore.

These men may argue that they neither have the time nor budget to look stylist but to me, these are just excuses. Looking good is not just about wearing expensive designer clothes, it’s about personal grooming from head to toe! Quoting a famous quote “there are no ugly women, just lazy women”, it is only fair if this also applies to the men? But how much time does a man need to look good as compared to a woman? Considering that a woman needs to put on makeup and style her long hair (for most women) before going out and remove makeup once back home followed by a rigourous skincare regime daily? I do not think men needs to spend as much time and money as women to look good really.

If a man is well groomed, most likely whatever he wears will looks good on him even if these are not branded (of course he must still have some basic fashion sense lah!). If a man looks sloppy, whatever he wears will look sloppy on him even if these are branded! As we can see, it does make a difference on how the two guys looked wearing the same white singlet in the pic.

Of course not all Singaporean men look bad, I am only referring to a fraction that do not care about their appearance. There are really well groomed and good looking ones too but it has been observed that most men tend to heck care as they grew older. Unlike men, we women tend to make even more effort to look good as we grew older.

Maybe that is the reason why more older women chose to be with someone younger and younger men do not mind having older girlfriends since you can’t really tell the age gap from their looks nowadays anyway!


Much hype have been going on about the latest fatal Ferrari accident that had claimed 3 lifes. Most media articles and netizen comments evolve around who are the people involved (their life stories) and who should be blamed for this fatal accident.

What’s done been done so I think rather than going on and on about the nationality of the Ferrari driver, the identity of his female passenger (whether she’s a student or a nightclub hostess) and criticising the Ferrari driver’s family for not providing any condolences to the victims’ families, why don’t we think of how to prevent such tragedies again.

So how did this fatal accident occur? It has been reported that the Ferrari driver was intoxicated and was driving at a speed around 207km/hr! Common sense will tell us that this is an accident waiting to happen!

So how can we prevent this from happening again? We already have strict laws on drink driving, offenders are jailed and suspended from driving. But for speeding, offenders are punished merely by demerit points and how much points will be deducted depends on how much has been exceeded against the speed limit of the vehicle and road.

But why are we allowing supercars that can go up to 335km/hr on our roads if the maximum speed limit on our expressways is only around 90-100km/hr? Nobody should drive up to that kind of speed if it’s not allowed anywhere anytime?

I am not suggesting to ban supercars because people should still have a choice on the cars they want to buy and drive if they can afford. However, shouldn’t there be a law to modify the maximum speed of cars to comply with local speed limit? A supercar with a maximum speed of 335km/hr should be driven by a licenced racecar driver on a race track and not ordinary people on the roads. Surely we can get the manufacturers to modify the maximum speed before importing to Singapore? If we can have a movie censorship board to make film makers remove scenes that are unacceptable to local viewership, why can’t we have a car censorship board to make car manufacturers’ modify parts or specs that are unacceptable on local roads?

Nobody can speed if let’s say the vehicle’s maximum speed is 100km/hr? Our traffic police has one lesser crime to catch? And definitely lesser lifes lost caused by speeding?