Much hype have been going on about the latest fatal Ferrari accident that had claimed 3 lifes. Most media articles and netizen comments evolve around who are the people involved (their life stories) and who should be blamed for this fatal accident.

What’s done been done so I think rather than going on and on about the nationality of the Ferrari driver, the identity of his female passenger (whether she’s a student or a nightclub hostess) and criticising the Ferrari driver’s family for not providing any condolences to the victims’ families, why don’t we think of how to prevent such tragedies again.

So how did this fatal accident occur? It has been reported that the Ferrari driver was intoxicated and was driving at a speed around 207km/hr! Common sense will tell us that this is an accident waiting to happen!

So how can we prevent this from happening again? We already have strict laws on drink driving, offenders are jailed and suspended from driving. But for speeding, offenders are punished merely by demerit points and how much points will be deducted depends on how much has been exceeded against the speed limit of the vehicle and road.

But why are we allowing supercars that can go up to 335km/hr on our roads if the maximum speed limit on our expressways is only around 90-100km/hr? Nobody should drive up to that kind of speed if it’s not allowed anywhere anytime?

I am not suggesting to ban supercars because people should still have a choice on the cars they want to buy and drive if they can afford. However, shouldn’t there be a law to modify the maximum speed of cars to comply with local speed limit? A supercar with a maximum speed of 335km/hr should be driven by a licenced racecar driver on a race track and not ordinary people on the roads. Surely we can get the manufacturers to modify the maximum speed before importing to Singapore? If we can have a movie censorship board to make film makers remove scenes that are unacceptable to local viewership, why can’t we have a car censorship board to make car manufacturers’ modify parts or specs that are unacceptable on local roads?

Nobody can speed if let’s say the vehicle’s maximum speed is 100km/hr? Our traffic police has one lesser crime to catch? And definitely lesser lifes lost caused by speeding?


I came across this moneylender shop at a HDB void deck in my neighbourhood few days ago. How do I know it’s a moneylender business even though it’s closed? Guess it’s obvious from the company name?

I understand that all moneylending businesses have to apply for a licence to operate as one and I assume this shop at my neighbourhood is a legal one, even though this is the first time I saw such shop? I had thought we would normally loan from banks and financial institutions. Borrowing from loanshark is illegal!

What I felt inadequate is the location of the moneylender shop, it was located right in our neighbourhood at a HDB void deck which is easily accessible by residents. Shouldn’t moneylending businesses be located in the business or commercial district?

The worrying part is if loan becomes so easily accessible, will it encourage gambling and other bad habits?

I personally feel that shops that are allowed to operate at residential area should be those that will bring convenience to residents’ daily needs and activities, such as minimarts, eateries, hair salons, clinics.. So can we continue to keep our neighbourhood simple?



I am actually a little confuse when our Ministers said Singapore need more immigrants because the locals did not reproduce enough? I am confuse on the timing on when we need more immigrants.

Singapore’s population has grown by millions over these years and the immigrants who came are around my age (30+). So does this means that it was our parents’ generation that did not reproduce enough? However during my parents time when they are at the reproduction age, there is a “Stop At Two” policy and having more than 2 children are penalised. So if it is true that our parents’ generation did not reproduce enough, are we saying the “Stop At Two” policy was a MISTAKE?

If our Ministers are saying that our current generation did not reproduce enough and in 20-30 years time, there will not be enough young ppl to support the old ppl like us, then shouldn’t we get in more immigrants 20-30 years later and not now? The immigrants that comes in now will grow old too and won’t they increase the no. of old ppl 20-30 years later and worse if they also did not reproduce enough?

The timing of the influx of immigrants just doesn’t seem right.